The Kodinar Taluka Co. Operative Banking Union Ltd. was established back in 1912 in a drought affected year. The main purpose to establish such co-operative bank was to enrich the lives of the farmers who were financially and socially retrograded comparatively.

       It has been serving tremendously well with the help of Honorable directors and members. Since 1912 A.D. it has been a true success story for this well-caused bank. The Kodinar Taluka co-operative bank has been setting the great standard to other parts around Saurashtra.The needy farmers having received financial assists from this bank have been progressing quite well for so many years. The kodinar co-operative bank also provides loans for educational intents.

        Kodinar Co-operative activity is based on Hauress Plunket’s famous quote ‘ADVANCE  OCCUPATION, ADVANCE FARMING AND ADVANCE LIFE-STYLE’. The output of this acivity has been divided in these parts.Thus neither of the aspect which can make impct is left out.

         Everything has its Pros. & cons. Similarly this co-operative bank might have some limitations, therefore it will have to reach every farmer family deeply, especially those farmers who hold lesser income.loan facility proves to be a boon for the members for long as well.

        We always look forward for the betterment and welfare for our faithful farmers.